Irene Inker to Release Her First Book “From Rags To Riches”

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NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The best Immigrant story is finally here! Irene Inker has recently released her very first book – “From Rags to Riches”.

Even through the book is a work of fiction, it reflects on the life of an immigrant from every angle.

Written in the form of short stories chronologically connected, it presents the reader with amazing step-by-step survival story of an average person, one of many who come to this country seeking an opportunity for better life.

The breathtaking and pain-striking story of hopes, illusions; full of satire, sadness, falls and rises to achieve an American dream.

The language is very simple; it walks you thru life adventures; sad, funny, wit, sarcastic. It will give you an inside look into every day of our society; corporate world, history, poverty, amazing travel stories.

Every page is written with a personal touch, getting under your skin, some will bring tears to readers’ eye, some will make you laugh so hard – you will cry.

From the opening statement in the foreword, the author shows a very unique language by stating:

“I dedicate this book to my friends, who stood by me for many years supporting my crying and complaints; but more than to my friends, I dedicate this book to my enemies who thru their constant betrayals and backstabbing, made me to grow stronger. Helped me to develop the survival skills and made me what I am today. My dear enemies! Rest assured I remember you all…”

The book will touch your every emotion, as we all are immigrants, if not – our parents or grandparents crossed the ocean and reached that land at one point of their lives.

Irene Inker, born is Saint Petersburg, Russia, was growing up in Russia during the communist era. She experienced a lot of issues being Jewish during a very anti-Semitic times. She became very disillusioned with hippocratic regime and in the late 1980s, runs away to the USA.

She becomes an illegal immigrant in the United States enduring extreme hardship, poverty, hunger and struggle to learn the language, to find a job and to become a legal resident and later the citizen of USA.

Many years of hard work, taking odd jobs, striving to survive and to become a productive and successful member of the new society finally started to pay off. The American dream was getting close as years had gone by.

As of today, she is a successful established professional working in the fashion industry.

To sum it up: the book is simply amazing, touching your every emotion and by far should be made in a major motion picture.

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